RESTORE the Pride!

Middle School Stewardship Project

Grant Middle School is in the midst of creating a school-wide improvement project.  Students from all grade levels are planning to upgrade the spaces that surround the Middle School.  Each grade level has adopted a space.  Some grades are conducting contests to determine the most interesting and creative ways to improve our school on a tight budget.  The work of students varies since all subject areas and grade levels are involved. 

5th grade is working to find ways to increase the "shady" spaces within the playground area.  A butterfly garden and mural project are the dreams that have inspired the 6th graders.  The mission of the 7th graders is to find ways to display an interesting entrance to the school that will include spaces that will give students comfortable waiting areas, bike storage, and promote Grant Tiger spirit.  8th graders are leading the charge with a highly interesting goal of creating an outdoor classroom/garden within the south-end courtyard.

The Middle School has partnered with Frey's Landcare and Comstock Turf as the dreams and hopes of the students gets closer to the goals that each grade created.  These projects have been and continue to be a "work-in-progress".  Students are using the winter months to select native plants to aid their site with the absorption of storm water that finds its way to the places in our schoolyard.

Look for more details as the project continues to work into reality this spring.  Our students will be looking for other partners and volunteers as the details become clearer.  If you are interested in helping with this project in some way, we would love to have you contact our lead teachers with your area of interest.  We are also looking for ways to fund this restoration.  One of our possible fund raising ideas (adopt a brick) involves the creation of a "reading path".  This pathway will be created by 7th grade students as they design paving bricks with information about various books that they have read during the year.  Look for details to be finalized in the next few months.

The students' greatest motivation for this project is the opportunity to "make a difference" in our schoolyard by using the outdoor spaces to enhance our classroom learning.  some of the funding will be provided by grants from the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (funded by the Fisheries Trust) and Earth Partnerships for Schools (funded by US Environmental Protection Agency Great Lakes Restoration Initiative).  Other funding is pending from various grants, community donations and service contributions.

Look for details in future issues and thought the community as students begin their campaign to RESTORE the Pride at Grant Middle School.

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